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Secure Shopping Cart on every Product Page. Browse our pages to find just the "right" long life light bulb for your needs. We are certain of the quality of our long life light bulbs and we Warranty our products. 5,000 Hour bulbs have a One Year Warranty, 10,000 hour bulbs have a Two Year Warranty, 20,000 hour bulbs have a Two Year Warranty, and our long life fluorescent tubes have a Four Year Warranty.  We hope you enjoy your visit here and come back often.

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Incandescent long life light bulb Long life reflector Decorative flame-tip light bulb Long Life Fluorescent light bulbs in all sizes and colors below
5,000 Hour-1 Year Warranty

5,000 Hr.-1 Year Warranty

Flame Tip Cool White
10,000 Hour-2 Year Warranty

10,000 Hr-2 Year Warranty

Torpedo Tip Daylight
20,000 Hour-2 Year Warranty

20,000 Hr-2 Year Warranty

Fluorescent Torpedo Full Spectrum
Sign lamp S14 all colors Infra-red heat lamp Long Life globe lamp in G-16,white and clear G-25 incandescent globe white and clear

G-40 Globe in white and clear

Compact fluorescent globe light

Triten/Sky Brite
Sign Lamps  All Colors Heat Lamps G-16.5


G-40 Fluorescent Artic Light
Long life A-15 Appliance  bulbs Colored Reflectors in many colors and watts. Long life flame twist also called a fiesta bulb. In Frost, clear and amber Black Light
Grow Light
A-15 Appliance Bulbs Colored Reflectors Flame-Twist Display Pink
Compact Fluorescent
Long life Silicone-coated Tuff Coat light bulbs. Compact fluorescent reflector


Compact fluorescent spiral or spring lamp    

Compact fluorescent Mini-spiral or mini-spring

Compact Fluorescent Torpedo

Compact fluorescent PL twin tube

PLC quad tube for use with system or adaptor.

True Lite
Tube Guards

Tough Coat (Silicone)

Fluorescent Reflector


 Mini  Torpedo  PL  PLC Tube guards in all sizes and colors Clear

    Long Life A-19 ceramic colored light bulbs

Outdoor Par reflector lamp

 Compact fluorescent bullet

Fresh-Air Compact fluorescent.

Blue compact fluorescent spiral

Compact fluorescent A lamp

Compact fluorescent triple tube good lamp

 A-19 All Colors (Ceramic) Outdoor Par



Colored Mini

A-19 Triple Tube Tube Guards- All Colors

Exit Lights




Long life exit lights including the new 25 year LED exit light and fixtures

Halogen Par Reflectors in many styles and watts


Long life Mercury Vapor, Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium and Low Pressure Sodium Electronic and magnetic Ballast for fluorescent light bulbs, also HID ballast kits and PL  adaptors
Exit Lights
Exit Fixtures
JD Mini-can Mercury Vapor Electronic
Quartz, JD Mini Can Metal Halide Magnetic

LED exit light with a 25 year warranty

25 Year Exit Lamp

MR-16 Light bulbs

Self Ballasted Mercury Vapor

HID Ballast Kits

HID Ballast Kits

High Pressure Sodium
Low Pressure Sodium
MR 16 HID Conversion Bulbs

Specialty Bulbs

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